Even after you’ve decided to build your own home from the foundation up, you might be surprised how many big choices still remain before your lot of land can be transformed into your dream house.

Before you break ground, you’ll want to decide with your chosen builder if you’re buying a stock floor plan or working with an architect to build an all new design from scratch.

Here is a broad overview of some of the benefits of custom and stock floor plans.


Stock Floor Plans

A stock floor plan refers to a broad category of plans that are pre-made. These might be either designed and then sold as part of a database of hundreds of plans, or it could be that your local builder or architect has their own set of floor plans that they’ve developed to work from.

If you’re going to opt for a stock floor plan at all, you should know upfront that it’s likely better to consult with your builder to find the right one, since most mass floor plan sellers online have options that are untested or unsafe and might not match the code requirements for your specific area.

Within the stock floor plans available to you, you will likely find a lot more flexibility than you might initially realize. Floor plans are created with common needs for different lifestyles in mind. Even though these layouts might not have been put together exactly to your requirements, they tend to have enough options that your requirements will be met — and they’ll meet those requirements in a plan that the professionals have already confirmed works.

Often, it’s possible to customize pre-made floor plans to such a high extent that they’re considered semi-custom, referred to as a modified stock plan. However, that does push the price tag closer to the range of a fully custom home.

And it’s the price that is one of the biggest draws of stock floor plans: especially if you stick close to the redefined parameters, you’ll get the price tag of the build up front without financial additions that quickly stack up. 

A subset of the stock floor plan model that tends to be even more affordable is the production home, a process in which a house and lot are offered as a package deal. With production homes, you also have the option of choosing from a range of floor plans that the builder has in their arsenal. This is a great option if you’re building for the first time or intimidated by the customization process.


Custom Floor Plans

If you opt for a custom plan, that means you have complete flexibility in assembling your house. This is a great option if you have very specific and unique needs for your lifestyle or your family. Custom homes take a little bit longer to build and tend towards a higher price bracket, but you get what you pay for: a completely unique-to-you dream house

Do you need an extra large garage to accommodate a hobby or collector vehicles? What if you have handicap accessibility needs? Is your career centered on a home or small business with facility requirements? A custom home is the best option to account for all of these needs and more

Fortunately, making sure that a custom floor plan you design is up to code is not left in your hands. You’ll work directly with an architect who can guide you through the process and create a plan that fits your needs and the needs of your lot as well as the local building code requirements.

If you’re still stumped on what floor plan is the right fit for you, we can help! Consult with our professionals