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Not only does Walgrove Building & Development create incredible new homes from scratch; it makes the home you already love even better with their remodeling division. 

Orange County

Remodeling Services

As one of the most celebrated remodelers of the Orange County community, WalGrove knows how to take full advantage of the home you have to get you to the home you want.


Whether you’re looking for one room to take on a new look, or you’re wanting your entire home transformed, WalGrove has the creative solutions, engineering prowess and collaborative energy to see it through.


Our industry-leading team of remodeling professionals will take the existing strengths of your home and capitalize on them. With specialized construction expertise and valuable knowledge of local permitting and regulatory requirements, WalGrove knows how to do the heavy lifting–figuratively and literally–to make your project come to life.

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9:00am – 5:00pm




WalGrove LLC


24551 Del Prado Ave #693
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