Have you been itching to give your home an update but can’t afford a full facelift?

There are many features to choose from that will give the exterior of your house a nice pop without breaking the bank on a full remodel. Here are seven ideas.


1. Garden Bed Border

A quick and easy way to upgrade the look of your home is placing a simple border around garden beds.

Country Living suggests this can be as easy as adding stones around beds and filling in with mulch. Your choice of stones can make this feature as ornate or rustic as you want.


2. Stone Pathways

If your property feels like it has a lot of empty space or disconnected features floating in a sea of grass, creating a stone or gravel pathway could be a way of tying it all together.

Whether it’s digging holes and laying in a mixture of cement, buying stones and installing them in the yard there are a lot of ways to go about this. The Huffington Post shares some more ideas.

Replacing your lawn with rocks or pebbles is also an option if you’re trying for a minimalist look.


3. Fencing

A little fencing can go a long way. Whether you want to visually break up a space, create an area for a pet or section off a garden so your herbs don’t take over your lawn, some fencing can make your land more functional and more visually pleasing.

Backyard Boss has some examples of modern fencing that look sleek without taking up too much space.


4. Perennial Plants

A lot of quality landscaping ideas center around plants. Although the right garden keeps your home looking bright and welcoming, continually replanting is exhausting and drains resources. An easy way to save time (and money) is planting mostly perennials, plants that will come back and bloom year after year.

Fresh Home suggests that you consider plants like Allium, Astilbe, Baptisia, Buddleia, Coneflower, Kangaroo Paw, Sage and Veronica.


5. Disguise AC Units

Although air conditioning units are helpful, they’re not the most attractive part of your home. Mechanical sheds or workspaces can become similar eyesores. One way to get around these necessary but less attractive features is by obscuring them with potted plants. Some taller vegetation or hanging vines will go a long way in creating a pleasing exterior.


6. Light It Up

Even if all the right elements are there, it won’t do your house any favors if no one can see them! Think about both functionality and aesthetic qualities. “Lighting is often designed in layers, starting with the perimeter to call attention to the property’s boundaries, followed by paths. Stairs and accent lighting come next, with an emphasis on safety and highlighting garden features,” The Spruce shares.


7. Water Features

Water features are an increasingly popular fixture, especially if you already have a thriving garden. A simple fountain can add both an optical and an auditory dynamic to your home. If you’re wanting to invest a little more, a water wall can be a fresh, modern addition.


Not sure which landscape additions would be the best fit for your lifestyle and house? Walgrove can assist with your landscaping services needs.