We talk a lot about the details of the building process, from finishing out kitchens and bathrooms to the paperwork process along the way. But sometimes it’s important to take a few steps back and examine the core question at the heart of the process:

Why should you be building a custom luxury home to begin with?

There are a lot of living options out there, from renting a house, to renting an apartment or condo, to purchasing a pre-made house. Here are a few reasons why building your own house might be right for you!


You can customize it.

The obvious strongest benefit to building your own home? You can custom fit it to your needs. From the floor plan to the fixtures, every element can be designed to fit your needs.

Want more space dedicated to the entertaining areas? You can add square footage to your living room and dining room. Cook a lot? Expand the kitchen. Plan to have a family? Add extra bedrooms.

Even the most thorough shopping around of possible pre-built houses won’t give you as many options as working side by side with an architect to build your own. If you’ve ever wanted to come home every day to a house that truly feels like your own, a custom build is the way to go.


You can make it ‘green.’

We’ve shared in the past about ways to make your home more energy efficient. It’s worth noting that many energy-saving methods are far easier to install when the house is being built, rather than trying to troubleshoot down the road.

The amount of control you’ll have over proper insulation, use of natural light and properly sealing doors and windows is an opportunity you’d never have with a prebuilt home.

Beyond that added level of control, new houses have been shown to just automatically be more energy-efficient due to technological advances.


You can choose where the budget goes.

Part of the flexibility inherent to the custom build is that you can choose exactly where your budget will be spent. If you’ve always dreamed of marble countertops, you get to make the decision to invest in them. If you’re not an outdoor person and have never felt a need to have a patio, you can skip it.

You might have heard that custom built homes can quickly get more expensive than buying an existing one, and while that is often true in part, it doesn’t tell the full story. Being strategic with your budget can make sure that what you do pay for is only exactly what you want to spend your resources on.


They’re lower maintenance.

Sure, there might be some added effort on the front end when you build a house from the ground up. But all-new wiring, plumbing, and appliances is going to need far less maintenance in the years ahead.

Older homes inevitably develop quirks and maintenance needs — needs that multiply with every year. Plus, just like we mentioned above with the eco-friendly developments, home building has come a long way in even the past two decades.

Your custom built home is more likely to keep humming along for years to come without costly repairs. In terms of both time and financial needs, a custom built home can save you big in the decade ahead of you.


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