If you’ve ever moved into an older house, you may have had the experience of having to peel off old, faded wallpaper.

Or maybe you’ve been in the position of hesitating to put wallpaper into your new home because you’re picturing exactly that scenario one day playing out. Either way, sometimes wallpaper can get an unfairly negative reputation.

The fact is that you have nothing to fear from wallpaper — and in fact, it can enhance and accent your home in an affordable and striking way.

If you’re wanting to use wallpaper but not sure how to mix it up, here are some uses that might inspire you!


1. Paper Cabinets or Doors

Wallpaper isn’t just for walls! Especially if you have simply, neutral-toned cabinets or bookcases, papering the back in a bold pattern can add a fun pop of color to the space. 

This is a great way to complement any items that you might be displaying on your shelves. Even if you have solid cabinet doors that often stay closed, you’ll still enjoy the pattern peeking through whenever you open it.

Assuming you have a standard, flat door without any cutouts, you can wallpaper over doors as well. This can be a great way to add an easy statement to a room.


2. Furniture Makeover

If you have furniture in your home that could use a facelift, or if you love hitting thrift stores and flea markets, consider using wallpaper to decoupage the piece. Because of the way wallpaper is applied, this works best on furniture with flat surfaces and not a lot of scalloping or texture.

In particular, consider the sides of dressers or coffee tables. The options for colors and patterns is as endless as the thousands of wallpaper prints available, so get creative!


3. Step Up Your Stairs

If you want an easy way to dress up a staircase, you can apply panels of wallpaper to the front face of each step. Because of the amount of wear and tear stairs endure, you shouldn’t apply this to the actual top of the stair as flooring. But utilized as an accent on the front, wallpaper can add a statement and personalized detail to an area that is often forgotten.


4. Put It In A Frame

This is the option for you if you’ve ever really loved a wallpaper but not been convinced you’ll love it as much a few years down the road.

Buying an oversized frame and filling it with wallpaper can provide the perfect accent for your living spaces. The best part? You can trade it out as often as you want to, even seasonally.


5. Over the Mantle

Whatever kind of fireplace you have installed, chances are high that there’s some negative space above it. That space can be perfect for wallpaper.

If you want to brighten up the room and keep the fireplace the focal point even when there aren’t any flames burning, you can apply a bold print. If you want to emulate something more classic, wallpaper is a great way to get the look of marble or slate without the added price tag.


6. Floor to Ceiling

Although wallpaper should be used sparingly on floors for the same reason we mentioned above with stairs, it can be applied as an accent or contrast for your walls. You’ll just want to consult with a professional to be sure that you are choosing a wallpaper type that is ideal for this usage.

If you want to touch up a ceiling or add texture but aren’t crazy about the popcorn ceiling look, wallpapering can be a great option.

The paper easily covers up imperfections and adds dimension to your space. Because ceilings won’t be seeing as much wear and tear, you have a wide range of choices for what you can use there.

Are you feeling inspired to brighten up your own custom home? Our team of designers can help!